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In October of 2010, our family decided that we would pursue the adoption of a child.  Little did we know then truly how much time, dedication, and money would be needed.  After every new piece of paperwork was filed and every new fee was paid, we would contemplate, what will she be like, what will she look like as all expecting parents do.   On May 25, 2011, we received a piece of that puzzle; a photograph of a tiny little girl with big warm brown eyes, a button nose, and rose bud lips.  But for us, as is true for a lot of adoptive parents, this was just the beginning.  During the long process to bring our little baby home we regularly talked about how fortunate that we were that we had the ability to take off work for long periods of time at very short notice, that we had the financial resources necessary to complete the process and that we had a community that supported our decision.  It was then that we became committed to the idea that surely there are other families that would adopt but for the extraordinary financial commitment.  As an orphan, our daughter’s name was Elizaveta and it is in her honor that we have established the Elizaveta Fund.  Thank you for visiting our site. 

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How Our fund works

           Faye & Jim Cox

The Elizaveta Fund is held at the Union County Foundation to assist families with their desire to adopt either domestically or through foreign adoption.

Preference will be given to families with at least one working spouse and are financially able to handle the addition of a child, but the upfront costs of the adoption process would be prohibitive.  Preference will be given to families residing in Union County, however, this restriction can be waived if a deserving family has a connection to Union County.

The fund can distribute up to a maximum 50% of out of pocket expenses (after applicable tax credits are accounted for) that a family incurs in the process of adoption.  This includes adoption fees, legal fees and travel costs.  It does not include food, clothing, or other personal expenditures.

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