Who can apply?
The Elizaveta Fund is established to assist deserving families looking to adopt an orphan either domestically or internationally. Preference will be given to families that have at least one working spouse and are financially able to handle the addition of a child but the upfront costs of the adoption process would be prohibitive. 

Preference will be given to families with less than five children in the household.  Preference will be given to two parent households. 

Special preference will be given to families that have tried and failed to have children naturally or through assistive reproductive technologies. 

Preference will be given to families residing in Union County.  Race, ethnicity and religious affiliation will have no impact on the selection process.

Does it matter what kind of adoption program we are using?
No, you may be pursuing a private or agency, domestic or international or foster to adoption program.  However, the Elizaveta Fund will only financially support the adoption of an orphan and as such step parent, and grandparent adoptions are not eligible for funding.

What level of support is available?
Because it is important that families have some “skin in the game”, the fund can distribute up to a maximum 50% of out of pocket expenses (after applicable tax credits are accounted for) that a family incurs in the process of adopting.  This includes: adoption fees, legal fees, travel costs.  It does not include food, clothing or other personal expenditures.

Do I have to live in Union County?
Preference will be given to families residing in Union County.  However, this restriction can be waived if a deserving family has a connection (family, etc.) to Union County, Ohio.

When will funds be distributed?
The application process will be open all year long.  Recipients will be chosen and funds distributed quarterly.  The board may personally interview up to 5 finalists.  Additionally, funds may be distributed for “emergency situations” upon approval of the board.    

Eligibility requirements

Frequently asked Questions


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If you are in the process of adopting an orphan, please help us serve you by submitting your application according to the following required guidelines:

1.  You must have a completed certified home study that has been approved by a qualified agency or acceptable by the Probate Court with jurisdiction.

2.  Complete the attached Elizaveta Fund Application and Finalization/Reimbursement Agreement

3.  All applications should be submitted to FCox@marysvillelawfirm.com or The Elizaveta Fund at 110 S. Main Street, Marysville, Ohio 43040. 

4.  Upon completion of the adoption, please provide proof of the adoption as well as a photo of your family which may be used in our marketing efforts.